Systems Monitoring

Network Management Suite by E2E IT

Network ManagementOur Network Management Suite, or NMS, is a platform for 24 x 7 x 365 systems monitoring to maintain stable and secure network environments.  The platform is comprised of the most essentials tools for maintaining network security, performance and health.

Adopting the NMS platform helps organizations to cost-effectively maximize their IT investment and control IT-related expenses by allowing internal staff to provide some support in-house instead of outsourcing everything. With E2E NMS, your organization controls your level of support, so you can do IT your way.

The modules in our platform include the following:

Network Server Monitoring

The NSM module provides full time discovery of server errors and events reported by the server operating system, services and diagnostic utilities. The NSM module enables proactive detection of server errors and helps to surface the problems hidden in the OS logs by alerting key support contacts of the issues. Early detection aids in the prevention of server outages and data loss.

Network Device Monitoring

The NDM module provides full time discovery of network errors and events reported by key network devices. The device types monitored include network routers, network switches, firewalls, and others. We use NDM to detect small errors before they become big problems like network outages.

OS and Application Patch Management

The OPM module provides comprehensive OS patching, monitoring of patch levels, patch failure remediation and patch download consolidation. OPM helps to ensure compliance with security requirements to protect customer information. OPM can also provide scheduled after-hours patching and patch-related system restarts to reduce interruptions in staff productivity.

The APM module provides patch management for Microsoft and many popular third-party applications like Adobe Reader, and covers patching, monitoring of patch levels, patch failure remediation and patch download consolidation. It helps maintain standardized computer configurations for consistency and stability.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Management

The AVM and ASM modules provide a centrally managed and synchronized anti- virus and anti-spyware platform to help prevent against workstation and server infections, and theft of data, passwords, and credit information, helping reduce the organization’s liabilities.

End-User Alerts and Notifications

The EAN module is designed to keep internal support personnel informed of important events by providing them with alerts and notifications. We can configure NMS to provide the client’s internal support team with proactive alerts to keep them informed of important network events.