Remote Support

Remote Support Solutions Save you Time and Money

Remote SupportE2E IT is pioneering a new concept in support through our VST™ Virtual Support Teams offering. Providing IT support via remote connections enables our team to solve your problem faster, while passing along the savings from reduced billable hours for travel time.  Our technical team uses our remote connection tools to connect to your computer or server, begin troubleshooting, and find a solution efficiently and quickly.  This way, we can reduce the impact of the problem and get your staff back to work.

Remote support also facilitates resolving problems behind the scenes, without having to travel to your office.  Our support staff can remote to one of your systems and fix from simple to complex problems.

Budget-Friendly Support Packages

E2E IT understands that managing your budget is important.  We’ve developed our support packages with simple pricing, giving our customers an easy-to-forecast monthly IT investment.  Our budget-friendly packages are priced specifically to be affordable for your Denver metro area business. If your small business is like most, you’re investing a lot in IT.  Whether you using a dedicated internal IT team, outsourced IT services, or have one of your full time staff moonlighting as your IT support, E2E IT has support plans to maximize your investment and improve your bottom line.

Desktop, Server and Network Maintenance

Based on the size of your environment and the level of support you need, E2E IT will develop a fixed monthly plan to provide all your support. You no longer have to stress over when your staff is calling for support. Since all support is included in your monthly plan, you’ll want them to stay productive by calling as soon as they need help. And we do too!